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About us

Construction works throughout Russia

JARTEX construction company was founded in 2003 and to date has successfully completed more than 200 challenging construction projects throughout Russia.

Presentation of JARTEK Ltd.

The main activities of the company are:

  • Design works
  • Project management
  • General contracting
  • Renovation
  • Fit out

JARTEX designs, builds, and fits out offices, shopping centres, housing and municipal buildings throughout the European Part of the Russian Federation. We develop all sorts of projects and services for private customers as well as major corporations. We believe that flexibility and personal attention to the Client are our major strengths. Among our teams and suppliers, but in particular with our clients, we understand the seriousness of our role in turning a vision into a reality – going beyond the bricks and mortar to create environments where people choose to work, shop and live.

Our service is based on three important factors – being innovative, responsible and reliable. In other words, we like to focus on answers rather than problems so that our team can work to deliver exactly what's required to get the job done, and to the right standard. We clearly understand and share our Client's objectives and we deliver projects to plan, quality and budget.

We have unique experience of working effectively in confined conditions, which is what the customer appreciates in us and is an advantage for us over our competitors.

Over the years, JARTEX has become a reliable and long-term partner for a number of major multinational corporations of high repute, including TOYOTA, Inditex group, STOCKMANN, ABB, IKEA, Coca-Cola and many others.

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